Custom Made Museum Merchandise

Lanzfeld supplies off-the-shelf products from its retail collection to museum stores all over Europe. In our client portfolio we have many local, small museums as well as the large well known museums. We provide special services to our clients, to make custom made products according to the clients wishes. 

In close consultation with the customer, Lanzfeld designs, developes and produces custom-made products including packaging and displays for (museum) shops. When doing so, we focus on the wishes and requirements of the customer.

Lanzfeld supplies the following services:

- product range determination
- graphical design & product design
- packaging design & displays
- personal labelling including barcodes
- storage, stocking and stock control

Please check our website or download the custom made catalogue to see the possibilities. In addition to the products shown on this website, Lanzfeld manufactures many more products and we initiate complete Museum Merchandising projects. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities, free of any obligation.