Dutch Design Paper Vases by Pepe Heykoop, museum souvenir

New product added to museum-webshop.com: Paper Vase Covers. Available with Delft BlueVermeer or Canal Houses print. 

The Paper Vase is a printed skin to cover any empty bottle and to turn it into a vase. The covers are adjustable in size, by folding the paper the vase cover will fit almost any bottle. The triangular structure allows the paper to set around its bottle. 

The Paper Vases are developed and designed by Pepe Heykoop and Tiny Miracles, and the product has won the Interior Innovation Award at imm Cologne 2013.

Paper Vase Covers are produced in Pepe Heykoopʼs workshop located in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Mumbai, India. This project of The Tiny Miracles Foundation is supporting the workers, getting a reasonable loan and education. 

Watch paper vase video here.

Photography © Annemarijne Bax